Monday, April 6, 2009

All I want is a nice normal life....

First of all, No we haven't fallen off the face of the earth. Honestly I wanted you to just keep praying for Stellan, and while he is doing better he still needs you to keep praying for him. The everyday drama in my life is still there although I - in many ways- wish it wasn't- seems so trivial when the whole MckMamma family is going through this storm.

last week we took a few days (the kids and I with the 2 little dogs) and took a little mini tour of Vista, our new apt & the area surrounding it. After living in the middle of the desert for so long going less than 1/8 mile up the road to get somewhere seems absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! I currently have to drive 4 miles of rough dirt roads and then another 14 miles of pavement just to get to the NEAREST grocery store.... and there it is within walking distance.

We spent Tuesday afternoon at the beach in oceanside again. MRK thinks God made the beach just for her! I would upload photos but it seems I bought a high speed sd card which is too fast for my computer they are trapped in my camera!

As we arrived back home Wednesday the 2 little dogs were let out of their crate and raced to the road, where our local UPS guy scooped them into his truck, feeding them handfuls of biscuits to get them away from a mojave green rattler... for those of you that don't know what a mojave green is.... it is probably the nastiest rattlesnake ever. It has neuro-toxins (which take down a central nervous system) & hemo toxins ( their organs basically start to 'melt'). He probably saved their lives. But last night, as I was watching my 11 yr old collie limp through the door, I noticed she had ripped all the fur out of her back foot- only to realize there is a very high possibilty she has been bit. After her vet visit today I would like to say things look better, but she is still showing all the signs and symptoms of a dog that has been hit by a snake. Nim has been with us since KY before Justyn was born. I had planned on flying her back to NC to be with my parents as there is no way we could take her to the new apt (she is too big) but now ALL of that is on hold. poor girl. We did have a dog die out here from a rattlesnake bite, he suffered for 2 weeks. Frank and I have decided we will try the medication but at the first sign she is going downhill we have more difficult decisions to make.


I keep wondering what it is i am supposed to learn from my time out here...what is God teaching me. He has certainly put us through a few fires and refined us here.

Please keep praying for Stellan....

Prayers for Stellan

and I will be moving in the next few weeks so if I don't update much here, know I will check my new email and my comments and my facebook account from my phone.