Wednesday, June 30, 2010

up & down

So I am doing a typical roller coaster emotionally for a spouse gearing up for another deployment. Several things are different though, many of those differences are due to the fact that this whole deployment has yet to feel real. In fact, the training schedule has been so light, that I am so afraid that the carpet will be yanked out from under me when the real deal takes place that I will land squarely on my behind.

I am emotional. which is very unlike me.

I am not dealing with many of those emotions on so many levels.

I am tired all. the . time.
which is "normal" for predeployment jitters.

I am secluding myself and pulling away from people...
which again appears to be a normal response as we head into this thing we call deployment.

and here I am on the roller coaster of life once again....
asking God to take the controls....
cuz I can't do this alone.

oh...did I mention my hubbys training schedule was supposed to take him away from us most of July has been changed once again (argh!) not sure if I should jump for joy or stomp my feet in frustration. Semper Gumby :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

a month

ok so I have been absent....

sort of.

I have been on facebook (although less that my last post) and I have hopped on my blog wondering what is timeworthy to talk about...

and I have been at a loss.

I mean life has certainly been full of enough adventures to share
I can't seem to find the right words these days.

anyhow. I am still around.
homeschooling through the summer
spending time with the hubby before our upcoming deployment
and trying not to dwell on life or what it holds...

this is just a hi to the few of you that DO read my blog :)
and hopefully I will be back to writing soon....