Sunday, May 31, 2009

a new Bible study & 30 days of prayer

On June 1st I begin 2 very different endeavors
For the next 30 days (beginning tomorrow) I will be praying for my husband. A chapter a day & additionally keeping a prayer journal to give to him at the end. I have joined a huge group of women who are doing this through the month of June - there is still time to join us! check out the link on facebook or you can pop over to Amy's link at her website if you don't have facebook....

ok, so I can't get this one to format properly. I think we found a church (yeah!!!!) and the women are just about to begin thier summer Bible study. They are doing Stepping up by Beth Moore for their 7 week summer study and my biggest little girl wants to do it with me. I am so excited to do a Bible study like this with my daughter. We will be studying the psalms and I am so excited to see what God is going to do through the next 7 weeks!!!!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009

what have we come to?

yesterday as I was checking facebook a friend of mine posted a link... a very frightening link. This link was to a news article right here in San Diego, where a pastor and his wife were forced to shut down an in home Bible study/fellowship. You can read the full article here:

If our rights as believers are taken away in our very own homes with people that willingly come and are in no way forced to participate, where is this country headed? To underground assemblies? It's crazy! Please pray for this family as they fight this case! You can help them out by signing the petition here:

To me this is absolutely frightening, but also a sign of things to come. Jesus himself tells us about the last days, and they don't get prettier. If we are not willing to stand for Him, we will be standing against Him. In the last year I have seen firsthand, a myriad of wolves in sheeps clothing. A grim reminder that loving Christ isn't hard, but standing with Him sometimes is.

I am not ashamed to say I love Christ.

What frightens me is where the world is going. Especially here. If it starts here in San Diego, the area we moved to, then what is next. Pray no precedent is set. Pray for God to be victorious. please, just hit your knees..and PRAY!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

organized I am not

I am sitting here today doing one of the tasks I dread and dislike the most... lesson plans.

don't get me wrong I can do it. I can sit down and put on paperthe assignments/plans and chores for a few weeks at a time... but often I think I would be a much better homeschooler with more doing and less planning and yet if someone shows up at my door, while I could simply pull out the work they have done for proof it is simpler on many levels to have one sheet on which to place those assignments and pull out as a reference for the kids on what they have done, still need to do, and as a record of their work.

but. it is one of my less than favorite jobs as a homeschool mom. but necessary.

so back to work, finishing lesson plans for me....

Monday, May 25, 2009

a few more photos....

so, off to a park we went, in search of homeschoolers

once we found them we shared a picnic lunch

mrk found the new park delightful

Ki went swinging with daddy

there were things to do for all...

except one. this pretty girl made the best of it, even if she was the oldest kid there
after the park

we were off to carlsbad for a free skateboarding/bmx/wakeboading demo... complete with a jumper to entertain the littlest kidlets... a free Christian outreach event.

after a while some r&r

drinking flavored water with her favorite guy
someday I am gonna have to break it to her that he is my guy...
but not today

he's starting to look like a bonafide cali kid...

some cool wakeboarding

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

girls night out

It's been over 3 years since we have eaten at a chick-fil-A. and boy did it taste yuuuuummmmmy! Frank let the girls go out for a little bit, boys tonight. A much needed break. we made dinner for the boys and headed out for dinner and a trip to wal-mart. As we walked into chick-fil-A we discovered tuesdays are family night. MaryRachael scored a free kids meal, they handed out balloons and in ful soCal fasion there was even a cow on site. The girls weren't too sure how they felt about that though... after that we headed home...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting settled in....

we are surrounded by boxes that are dwindling down a little bit more every day... we don't wake up to the wind howling outside and horses wanting breakfast anymore... it is very different here. But different isn't all bad, just different. We have neighbors that are very very close especially considering our nearest neighbor used to be an acre from our home. Coyotes don't come and carry off our cats, there is no real threat from rattlesnakes, and life in so many ways is just simpler.

we have been very very busy. trying to find a new church to call home, getting things unpacked and discovering our new area. Frank was finally able to join us on a permanant level on the 30th of april, he checked in to his new unit here at camp pendelton yesterday afternoon.

so now its getting into a groove and discovering what the new normal is. I need to find an OB doctor relatively soon as I am about 17 weeks along now, and well, I havn't seen one since they told me I was pregnant.... (not by choice- the Naval Hospital in 29 palms said they wouldn't start seeing me there since I was moving away so early in the pregnancy, so they issued me my prenatal vitamins and sent me on my way back in March).

as far as blogging, I have certainly been slacking. Its not that there has not been anything to tell you about, its simply finding the time to sit down at the computer and type it out, and once I do find the time, it always seemed too late to share it... so Hopefully things will slowly get back to a new normal and life will continue, we will find a new church home and Frank will get setlled in to his new routine at work...