Thursday, October 13, 2011

I am sure none of my readers have ever experienced mommy burn out before...
but I am there.
at the cusp of why do i homeschool my children?
(knowing all the reasons why i do it)
why doesnt anyone ever obey me?
why can't they just seem to care about what they do...?

so we changed gears this year. A more relaxed approach. but it just seems like they dont care..about anything sometimes. It feels like I prepare or get excited for something only to walk upstairs and see my hallway and a bedroom thrashed by legos.... or see the arm of yet another doll chewed by the puppy.... i think I am just completely and utterly overwhelmed. exhausted. frazzled. and burnt out.

but if that is true... where does that leave us as a homeschooling family?
Even a more relaxed one?
I feel like with each passing day
I am just a little more taken advantage of...
just a little more less respected....
just a little more discouraged.....
just a little more overwhelmed....
just a little more exhausted.

I know my joy is in the Lord.
I am just having a really hard time keeping and maintaining   a happiness  with my children.
and why I homeschool is multilayered.
I feel led to do it.
but I really want to enjoy my kids.
and i dont know what to do at this point to change any part of that equation.

Monday, October 10, 2011

180 The movie

watch it!

I have very strong opinions on this topic. The halocaust it being erased from our history books and abortion is killing millions of babies.  please.. no matter what your opinion is on either of these two topics watch this short 33 minute film before you make a decision!