Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the dangers of social networking

yesterday evening I updated my status on facebook... it read...

why, when people die, do we automatically assume they went to heaven?

well I sparked a debate. an unitended debate. apparently one of my "friends" had posted about someone she knew dying and automatically assumed I had seen her post.

I had not.

and when going to check what she said I found she had unfriended me...

and when I went to write her a message....

I found out she had completely blocked any inbound emails from me....

it was NOT a personal attack on whatever her status said, I hadnt even read her status... I had simply updated mine from the application on my phone... which hadn't shown me the update on her status... which I have officially never seen.

what bothers me is that ONE single comment can end a friendship.

are we so shallow that we end friendships based on status updates. I find that utterly incredible.

now I understand my status update had to be pretty close in succession to hers on facebook to have her take it so very personal - but what kind of friend doesnt even ask you to work it out???

and if this friend is "outa here" over a facebook post I wonder how many other faux friends I have out of the 200+ friends.... most all of which I have know in real life.... so I have decided to cool it for a week and take a break from facebook cuz it so isn't worth this kind of stress.

and as much as I love that facebook keeps me connected with friends, I despise that it divides people just as quickly.

Monday, May 10, 2010

I don't DO drama

in fact the ONLY thing drama makes me want to do is hide like a turtle in a hole, pull away and get as far from it as possible.

and so

that's where I am right now.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

facing it alone

have I mentioned I am married to a marine.

yep for almost 16 yrs now.

which means we are facing another deployment.

and while we have done it before facing it again is still completely different, and yet has a smell that is all too familiar.

last Sunday he left. for school. this time.
2 weeks.
the first few days breezed by...
but saturday is comin, and saturday is a daddy day.

and its a precursor for the things that are coming.

this 2 weeks, apart in different time zones is a flickiering reminder that the time will so soon be upon us where he will be oceans apart rather than just a few thousand miles.

and there isnt time to dwell on those times that will define our future.

but those circumstances wont define how we face it.
at least that is my prayer.