Sunday, December 26, 2010

Anything but tradional

This years Christmas was like no other.

at the same time...

Christmas eve began at Church.
Celebrating the baby in a manger,
the birth of a Saviour.
that is the central focus of this Holiday we call Christmas.

then dinner at a local diner.

and a off to see Tangled
which was shown at a local movie theatre for free
(along with any movie they show)
on CHristmas eve,
to local military men and women and their familes.
It was fun!
but different.

just another way to keep our minds off the fact that daddy wasn't here this year.

then a fun surprise.
They sold an internet special for $9.99 per person

so instead of waking up and unwrapping presents...
we walked right by them
and scurried out the door...

for a Christmas Day adventure!

What a wonderful day!

we were pilots
and heroes
and explorers
and tourists
we were pirates
and knights
and maidens.
We were shark bait!
and builders
and dinosaur explorers.
we were put in jail...
and ate pizza for lunch.

we were missing him.

but with our paid admission we get to return and take him when he comes home.
it was a good day.
a good distraction.

then as we came home we came home to the smell of bragiolle, and pasta, and artichoke casserole wafting as we entered our doors. Grandma had prepared Christmas dinner.

so hungry children gathered round the table and enjoyed Grandmas dinner.

but our day was still not over.

off to the living room with excited eyes as they waited to open presents.
3 hours of delight
and laughter
and treasures
and smiles
and paper shredding.

late into the evening....

and as I snuggled into bed with the baby boy I heard from down the hallway excited chatter about the days events.

and we missed him.

but even though it was anything but traditional.
we survived Christmas
and look forward to a day when we wont have to be apart.

but it was a good day.

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