Wednesday, July 20, 2011


so this morning as I contemplated a facebook status I realized my thoughts were far too complicated for that.. so instead i have a blog post (some of you are thinking finally.... or maybe oh no)


what if we followed God ALL the time? not just when it's convenient for us to do so.....?

and I realized that was probably a little more than a facebook post.

I mean what would that really look like?

in real life?

Does it mean I would choose to eat a pomegranate.... over a cheeseburger?
or would I listen to hymns over my favorite artist?
or read my Bible over my favorite author?
or go to work over going to church?
or go grocery shopping over taking my kids to youth group?

I think it has to do with living intentionally for God all the time... not just when we feel like it.
and that is not easy.

So ... today I am finding myself waiting upon the Lord just a little bit more...
asking him to direct my steps and actually mean it...
and then when He leads I follow.

and its hard.

it means not always doing what I want to do when I want to do it.
or how I want to do it.
or even if I am able to do it.

and sometimes it even means that God can (and will) change the plan

and what do I teach my children when I don't bend to the potter as He molds the clay?
or when I fight against it?

Am I teachable?
Do I set the example?

what about you?
what if you followed God ALL the time?
not just when it's convenient for us to do so.....?

How would your life be different?
or even *gasp* change?

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