Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lessons in the great flood.

So I taught children's church this morning and as I did I really had to think about Noah.

To be counted the ONLY righteous man.

To watch everyone reject God.

To obediently build an ark in the middle of the desert.

His faithfulness & character was what protected him... and yet we often don't talk about what he went through.

Like what it must have been like to watch everyone die fr the rising waters and be completely helpless to help them.

Or to build a boat from the ground up without so much as a drawing ... or email... or you tube video.

Or just the idea of impending rain ... in the middle of the desert... and obediently
building a boat... because God said so.

And it's really made me think.

Would God find me faithful enough.
Righteous enough.
Honest enough.
Obedient enough.


Casey C. Springer said...

ditto...we were in 2 Peter chp2 vs 4

Katarina Petkey said...

Jesus like Noah had to have felt the same way. He was on mission that no one understood, his disciples abandoned him, one even betrayed him, the people he came to save hated him because they found out he wasn't going to save them from roman oppression. Jesus was going to save them but from something worse than a sword; from eternal agony.