Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Elephant In The Room


I think I have mentioned I am struggling. 
I am struggling with a proverbial metaphor
no one talks about it. 
and yet it is still there. 
actually it's a whole herd of elephants.
everyone can see them
yet we simply ignore them
problem is ....
they are still there. 
and yet we simply pretend not to see them. 

and because noone says anything we don't either.

and honestly .. it's cramping my style.

I am a blood bought born again sold out zealous Jesus Freek.

and the silence is killing me.

and if I talk about how we don't outreach and share the Gospel and people die & go to hell 
the fact that people have issues... they have sex and cut and struggle with pornography
that there are marriages in REAL trouble
the very real issues of kids in abusive homes
 talking about the  dangers of witchcraft to include gaming addictions
well ... 
and we sit in the comfort of our homes or even the comfort of our Sunday morning safe church sessions and we have idle chit chat and don't really and truly ever address the real things that require repentance and we simply pretend they are not within the walls of our community...
our neighborhoods...
our churches... 
our homes...
our families...

and we dance between the pachyderms in our lives.


And show someone like me how to handle teaching and sharing the love of Jesus
 with kindness that brings true repentance. 
or lead me where I can do THAT kind of ministry.

because ... I can't stand the silence in a room of elephants anymore

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