Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weekend Campout in Burns Canyon

We have some good friends who live off the grid in Burns Canyon- a BEAUTIFUL area of this desert. Typically it is 12-15 degrees cooler at their place. Saturday we went up late afternoon, set up camp on their land and hung out til late Sunday afternoon. They have 8 kidlets and we have our 5 (that are present anyways) so there is never a dull moment. There are about 150 photo's from the weekend. Here are the 1st 5. (new at this bloggy thing remember?)


mike said...

hey guys,i'm new at this blogger stuff too. i'll try to navegate my way around this place. the pictures of the campout are cool. God bless you all, mike

mike said...

hey you all, i don't know much about this blogger thing, but the pictures are great. i'll try to manuver my way around and check it all out. love you guys. mike