Monday, March 9, 2009

We are Moving to Vista CA

On Saturday, we went down to North San Diego County to look for a place to live in the next month or so...and last week I had spoken with one property manager and quite honestly she was terrific! She made it super easy for us and once we met with her our search was over. SO we have a place to live. It all makes it feel so very real. It was SO beautiful down there Saturday! a balmy 65 degrees. After the business end of our day we headed down to Oceanside a mere 10 miles up the road and spent the afternoon on the beach. We ate at Longboarder's (yummy) and then went down to the ocean where all of our 5 children proceeded to take a dunk in the Pacific Ocean IN THEIR CLOTHES!!!! So then it was off to find them something to wear, drop over to the base for a bit and head home. It was a productive and eventful day.... I have a handful of photos from the beach that I need to get up soon!

today it's back to normal sorting out things we do not need to move and reducing our things. It is an incredibly long process , not to mention tiring! This week I think 2 of the horses actually leave the ranch which will be exceptionally hard on me. But God is good, and bigger than my hurt. I will be reminding myself to fall into my Father's arms during the difficult moments.

Still no decision on renaming the blog, although I do plan on changing our email in the near future as we won't be able to keep our satellite internet in an apartment building.... so. anyhoo.

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Mishel said...

Yeah! I LOVE it down there! LOVE it! I'm so happy you guys will get to be together. Remind me to tell you a neat story about Longboarders. : )