Monday, March 16, 2009

the part 2: I promised!

At church Sunday afternoon I was reminded by a friend how very little I have to do with all of this, its all about giving God the glory!

so, Friday morning N. looks up and says " hey, that's the Thoroughbred on craigslist I was telling you about! I am sure of it!"

I said. yep it is.

and they went over and met Sensational Guy who was, of course, sensational!

and they loved him. N. says "if you have him by next Friday I will take him."

Saturday night they called to let me know if I will hold him, he will go home with them too.


This Friday 1/2 of my herd will still be together with visiting privileges for our family!


my arena might just be sold as well! We have a serious buyer coming out tomorrow.

God is so Good.

Its like our lives are a puzzle and the master puzzle maker is fitting each individual puzzle piece together. It's just so much easier to see now.


Mary Lucas said...

WOW!!!!! I kept looking to see if you updated it because I was so anxious to read the rest of the story. God is good and I am so glad thins are working out for you and your family. What is the official move date?

Post Tenebras Lux said...

I'm glad =). God *is* good, all the time. I *have* really been blessed with his peace so far, this deployment. There's much less worrying going on this time than last time, even though his job is more "dangerous" than before--not because I'm trying harder not to worry, just because the Lord is taking care of it for me.

Christian the Christian said...

thanks for sharing!