Sunday, June 5, 2011

We are STILL praying baby Zeke!

Your mama is a brave woman. Braver than I think I could be. She told me today you are having a rough few days. That healing isn't coming as fast as she wishes it would. Friends... his platelet counts are very low, his blood pressure too low and even his oxygen saturation is too low. He is on a vent and still those O2 sats remain low..electrolytes are low too.....He has even has a blood transfusion. Tomorrow an EKG and echo are scheduled to check his heart function. They have started antibiotics for a possible bacterial infection. Pray!!!! God Knows the exact circumstances.

also pray for their other sweet boy (#6) baby Sam, He needs another surgery as this 11 month old 11 lb little guy has started to lose weight once again.

Pray for their 5 other blessings as they are bounced around and cared for by church friends as Shelly and Donald cope with the challenges with 2 hospitalized children. Pray for those trying to minister to the children and care for them in their parents abscence. And pray for Shelly & Donald... as they face this storm that they remember that God is in control.


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