Thursday, November 10, 2011

Schnoodle sadness....

We buried Bella today. She was a schnoodle and she was 10 months old. And while her cause of death is unclear it might have been a direct result of an adverse side effect from a pill called "comfortis" known to kill fleas.

What is in the fine print is that it causes all sorts of side effects. vomiting. up to 6 days. decreased appetite. Lethargy. diarreah. and seizures just to name a few. it is a systemic pesticide that we now "safely" give our animal to get rid of fleas. And I did something I never do. I gave it to her without reading about the risks before administering it.

I have no idea.

I am a shot delaying mama.
I dont even do the flu shot cuz i have read too much negative stuff.
and yet I gave my 10 month old pup a pestiticide to ingest to rid us of fleas.
and now she is gone.

we buried her today in the desert. the vet said Tuesday to bring her in by Thursday if she didnt get better. problem is Wed she seemed deaf. and perhaps had already had tonic seizure activity. she was still drinking and trying to eat... but it was too late. When we awoke this morning she had died in her sleep..

perhaps there were underlying issues. I will never know. What I do know is that I will never give my dogs a flea pill again. I will go topical long before I ever consider giving them an internal pesticide.

before you do please read ALL the links in this post thouroughly.

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Michelle H. said...

My sympathies for your puppy loss. Big hugs!