Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some girls dream of princes on white horses...

But not me.
When I was a kid I spent time dreaming of going to marineland in niagra falls, Canada. We lived a little more than 2 hours away... and from the time I was little I was completely smitten with orcas, and bottle nose dolphins, and sea lions. My favorite show was flipper and I spent hours dreaming of swimming with those amazing mammals & In southern California it seems everyone wants to go to Disney ... but not me. I mean I am sure it would be fun. But. I still dream of sitting by the blue pool watching the whales swim smelling the salty air. Sitting in the splash zone.... listening to the otters, & seals as the bark and play, touching the starfish in the tidal pools, feeding the bat rays.

My dream takes us to Seaworld SD and I am beside myself with anticipation!

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