Saturday, January 7, 2012

Aaron's story

October 27, 2009 at 10:27am Aaron came into this world.

I wanted to have a vbac but after 41 weeks and a 24 hour pitosin drip it didn't appear that this little guy had any intention of gracing us with his presence. so we headed in for c-section #3. At first it seemed fine. Baby was taken out. He appeared to be healthy. after showing him to me they whisked him and frank off to the nursery...

that's when things seemed to go dreadfully wrong.

I remember moving to a different gurney and then wheeled down another hallway
and then I was lightheaded and woozy.. and I heard my Dr say something about losing too much blood too fast... we have to open her back up... and the last memory I have is praying..."Lord, just let me see my baby.. if you don't want me to have more children then let me know somehow"

I wouldn't meet Aaron for another 6-7 hours. Little did I know that my very life was in the balance as I hemoragged. and the very 1st words the nurse uttered to me was ... "welcome back, they managed to save all your girl parts" and I have been told that at that point I insisted they hook me up to a breast pump cuz I was absolutely certain my little guy would be beyond starving.

We had a rough start... but we both made it. We struggled with nursing, but this mama cannot be dissuaded. After months of pumping he finally latched on and nursed like a trooper until a month before his 2nd birthday. He even met my dad before my dad passed away... I honestly expected him to be our last little one.

but this past spring we found out we were expecting again. The Dr's looked for something to be wrong. but even the placenta despite multiple c-sections was placed perfectly. And while we are not attempting a vbac we are praying for a smooth and uneventful birth story.

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