Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weaving pieces of myself

Basketry is a funny craft. You either enjoy it. Or you don't.  I recently signed up for a local craft fair...& today I am moody... and the weave is tight. Strained. Maybe even angry. I had forgotten each basket is a reflection of ourselves.
And I am tired.
And easily irritated.
As I weave up...
The pattern loosens.
As I begin to recognize that until I let go of all the anger & frustration I am holding onto...
The basket cannot become beautiful.
It would be gnarled and useless.
Much like we are when we remain angry
Or bitter
Or frustrated
Or irritated.
We allow God to mold & shape us.
Much like the basket
We are unusable.

What a profound lesson weaving has taught me tonight ...

So I thought it best to take just a moment & share it with you. 

Let go.

Let God weave the basket of your life together. It might just turn out more beautiful than you anticipated.