Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our little secret

Well it's out.

the little secret that we have been contemplating.

but I want to tell you how it began.

about 5 years ago my husband asked me if I would consider taking a tour through the USA in a camper or RV.

I politely told him NOT on his life.

Be careful what you say you will never do.

About a month ago we started talking about jobs & ministry & just being here.

and as we looked at jobs we realized none were here in the desert.

so we started talking about selling or renting and buying a camper and moving back to oceanside (aka my camelot) and having him find a job here in SoCal
and then my husband called our pastor in Oceanside
and we began to realize that with a Bachelors in religion close at hand Frank could actually consider stepping into a church as a children or youth pastor while he continued to get his masters.

so we started looking at sites for pastors to apply.

and noone was hiring in Oceanside.

and I looked aat my husband and asked... " so am I putting God in a box? telling God the only place we can go is Oceanside" Insert knowing smile on my husbands face...

at which point I asked " what if we sold everything and went on the road as missionaries?"

Frank blinked & smiled.

and said something like "If I hadn't brought you here to the desert you would have never seen this"


as Frank finished his last 8 weeks of school that is precisely what we are doing.
Selling practically everything & hitting the open road in a 29 foot pull behind camper.

and this blog will be still my personal blog but if you are curious about our upcoming journey you will have to pop on over to our new ministry blog & read about the adventure that is underway.

or you can follow us on Facebook at Narrow Road Schoolers

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