Sunday, May 19, 2013

there are topics blogging that are easy to talk about.

and then others.


they are not.

My husband is my cheering committee
encourging me to write aout real life

but... well.... sometimes real life is messy

and of course, then there is the fact that a blog post could hurt a situation rather than build it up

and this past week our world was shook to the core.

and we knew it would be.... or we knew it could be.
I mean you don't commit to going on the road as full time missionaries without knowing that will cause serious growing pains
but . wow. has it caused growing pains.
maybe more like labor pains.

Our 18 yearold daughter was on the fence about joining us.
I had hoped she would spend part of her summer on the road with us before stepping off for her own adventure.
And at one point...
you know the point before I had the prayer cards printed she said she would.
so we made her things fit alongside the other 8 people in the 29 foot camper.


she got cold feet.

and in the mix of life being insanely crazy...
she decided to move out.

and so we are picking up the pieces from what could have been a good departure
that turned into a preplanned move out without our knowledge.
it has left us much like a deer on a dark highway trapped in the headlights of distaster
 and having to choose
whether or not to jump into the headlights into certain disaster
or turn away and head for the uncertainty of the dark woods.
but not defeated.

trusting that God will watch over her.

and that our journey will begin & cross with hers again.

and holding fast to Scriptures many promises.

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Michelle H. said...

Lots of prayers and love sent your way sweetheart! :)