Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's bigger than us...

Once upon a time I drove to Oceanside.... certain God would lead us back there.
and then on the drive back to this desert place I knew better.

and it all seemed so very complicated.

Go on the road full time as missionaries with your family.

OK God... then what?

then let me show you the plan.

Oh wow. Have we ever been revealed a plan.

And rather than put God in some kind of box
 & tell you this is what the plan is

I will say this is how we feel led to serve at this point.

We are planning to be on the road by July 1, 2013 in a pull behind camper with our children
we plan to use music and christian films as a tool to share the gospel with people we meet in campsites.

          Well. As families come into a location we will be there all set up with a movie & an easy pot luck style dinner set up . do crafts (like Gospel bracelets) with the kids and maybe play a short kid friendly christian film (Auto B. good, Angel Wars, Veggie tales etc) ... get to know parents etc. Invite people back the following night for music or something or even show a christian feature film. As we get to know the areas people are from perhaps point them in a direction of a local church near them (hopefully one connected to Harvest America).

We still need a lot of money to pull the getting on the road part off.
Also we need to rent or sell our home.
We are also in need of a decent projector to hook up to our computer.

And our next BIG SALE is this weekend.
(you can even see a sample of what is for sale if you join the Facebook event at this link)

We have a blog set up and a Facebook page
and our prayer cards & business cards arrived this past week

this is getting really real.

but I really don't think this is even a fraction of what God could do through this ministry... but I tend to dream big. But why shouldn't I? I serve a GREAT BIG God!

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