Friday, December 13, 2013

yay or nay

  I am toying of the idea of quieting this blog.

It was a part of who we are.. without it we would not be who we have become...

and yet I wonder if it's a chapter that is closing.

I do not imagine that our life travelling full- time fits into this...

or perhaps it does and I just cannot see exactly how.

our road adventures encompass pretty much every aspect of our life and for those adventures we began the NARROW ROAD SCHOOLERS blog and Facebook page

but this was our ranch life... our military life..

and things have changed a lot.

Being on the road full time is changing us too.

making our eyes see that there is SO MUCH MORE...

So.. I guess the only question is are any of you out there not yet following our new journey?
Or would you prefer I post here as well....

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