Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back to school & life

Hi. again.

I used to get frustrated with folks that blogged that didn't update regularly. I don't anymore. Life gets busy and the next thing I know there certainly isn't

enough energy to pour into a blog posting. I guess it has certainly made me more understanding in that regard.

School with the kids has had a fairly good start this year. Mostly the kids have been trying to be more attentive. I am actually attempting to stick to a pretty rigid schedule (and if you know me- you know that is certainly not my style) . We also started our Character Bible studies in the morning again. After a lot of prayer we chose to begin (again) with responsibility. We started out studying Adam and Eve and how they had to choose to be responsible for the choices they made that led to their leaving the Garden of Eden- despite the consequences.

Tabby's puppies are getting pretty big. They are 3 and a half weeks old now. We even found a home for one already ( although she can't move in with them til she is big enough!)

Labor Day weekend around here was almost normal. Frank did catch a 4 ft red racer (a snake) and a big swift (lizard) that's been hanging out on the side of the house all summer ( and seemed to be uncatchable).

Things are busy as always out here. God is real and is always with us & we are reminded daily that He never leaves us or forsakes us.

OHHHH.. one more thing. We started our country unit study. The next few weeks we will be studying Mexico- and there is this TERRIFIC missionary family in Mexico that has a blog: The Lockwoods
Please pray for them and their ministry as we do.

Here are a few photos! MaryRachael wanted to show you our cute puppies! Frank holding the snake, My pretty girls!! and last but certainly not least Kiah sporting the ever fashionable Mr Potato head mustache!!

also KUDOS to all you fellow bloggers out there...this is trickier than I thought. Eventually I will have a link list to all the incredible blogs I read!

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