Friday, December 12, 2008

Do You Have room in your life for me?

About a month ago a horse we bought almost 2 yrs ago became a source of trouble. The owner regretted selling him a yr a half later (the owner that I allowed to come visit Guy due to the fact that this owner sold him because she said she could no longer ride him because she had cancer) and she began to make our life a nightmare.

she called animal control and while they found no case against us, they did promise to return in 30 days just be be certain that our horses (who did lose some weight when I miscarried) did continue to gain weight. Well 30 days had passed, last week. No animal control. UNTIL. today. around 8:30am the officer came ..she said "the horses look great" which should have been the end of the story-

but it wasn't.

I have 8 dogs living at my house. She gave me a week to get rid of 4. several are the result of a "temporary" thing gone permanent.... but one is a purebred yellow lab only a year old this month. She needs a new home and fast, or she is shelter bound. I have 7 days to comply.

SO please help!!!! I

need to find Shy a home. She is AKC registered, micro-chipped, up to date on all her shots through Feb 09. She is just too much for me to handle. She is a power house! She does well with older children(she will knock down little ones), dogs and is OK with cats. She needs a fenced yard where she can run. She is crate trained, but needs someone to train her of the basics(she can wiggle sit). She came to us a few weeks before the miscarriage and since then we have really not given her the attention she needs. She has a lot of puppy in her!

If you know anyone who might me interested in her send them to my website please!

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Casey said...

8 dogs...have you just completely lost your mind?!? Glad it all cleared up with the horses issue.