Thursday, December 11, 2008

something is always changing

Once every 6 months or so Frank and I completely re-arrange a room. This time it is a 3 in 1 room. My living room/dining room/classroom all is in the same room. Which at times makes things a bit challenging.... but on this fun and friendly adventure which was started early last weekend (and is in it's final stages even today -almost a week later) was interesting. As we moved the speaker it "rattled" so, as any good desert dweller would do...Frank investigated further...

He placed his hand inside the speaker hole to find a bounty of treasure

and even an almost brand new "Tow Mater" Hezekiah was beside himself the next morning!
a glimpse at the "loot" - YES, all of this was in that speaker!!!

And then this is just a cute one.... frank bought this little snowman for me. i call him my desert snowman, because that's about how long one would last out here.

It's been a bumpy week with homeschooling, but God is good, thank goodness He never changes.

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