Monday, September 14, 2009

moving again....

well, last week it was official. We will be moving into base housing here! ANd while I never thought I would be excited to announce another move I am.

I can see how God took care of us by bringing us to live in the apartment for the last 6 months, but I can also see His timing is perfect. There have been many challenges with the apartment complex: the boys bikes getting stolen the first few days we arrived, countless parties, not obeying curfew hours, having the pool closed since June 15th, having bb's shot at us while we are grilling, boys stalking my daughter as she walks the dogs, known gang activity, and neighbors that like to watch my children in what feels like a very unhealthy way, just to name a few. But God's hand has protected us during our time here despite our trials.

We pick up our keys to base housing on the 29th of Sept :)

and our household will be packed up sept 28-29 and then delivered on the 30th.

I am just hoping the little baby boy inside my belly hangs on and waits til AFTER the move to make his grand appearance.

Still lots to do to prepare for a move, but here are some things I am certainly looking forward to: less traffic noise, people who actually obey the rules, not smelling all the smoke from all my neighbors houses from the courtyard, feeling like my daughter can walk the dogs safely, a safer environment for all the children, my own washer and dryer back inside the house(no coin operarted machines), about 500 more sq ft of space AND a garage, much much closer to the beach, and so much more!

As far as my parents moving, I simply need to remember the God knows the details, I will simply keep praying and try to remember that God is in control of it all. Dr's should be calling and discussing the move details with me this week- my parents should be getting a full picture of the spreading of dad's cancer late tomorrow afternoon.

and keep breathing...

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Post Tenebras Lux said...

Wow; looking back over your posts I am amazed by how much you are walking through right now. Thank you for thinking of us!