Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Praying for Stellan* Updated

UPDATED: See for yourself, Stellan appears to be doing much better again!

Stellan has been in SVT again for some time now. MckMama & family need our prayers again as they plan to head to Boston.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Planning for a New School Year

I hate planning. I often enjoy being the kind of mom that can fly by the seat of her pants on any given day.... however I have found that kind of homeschooling leaves us in a muddle of rabbit trails that never get completely finished and chasing our tails with no real end in sight... so its back to the dreaded task of sitting down KONOS book in hand and prepapring lessons from AUgust 10th (our first official day back at school) through December 18th (the end of the unit on HONOR.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back Home

Well I did finally come back to California to rescue my husband from my children - My dad is doind tons better- and although his circumstances are still the same God is beginning to change his heart. The day I had gotten the call that "he wouldn't live through the day" he had stage 4 lung cancer, complicated by pneumonia and a heart attack. He is on the mend though for now. He was released from the hospital on the 16th of July. His job now is to continue getting some of the weight he lost back on, so that his oncologist will,once again, consider beginning chemo. They are continuing with radiation for now because of how well his tumors have responded to it.

WHile I was ready to head back to my family out here, in many ways coming back was bittersweet. If something changesel for the worse I will not be able to travel back until after the baby is born and I clear my post partum check ups. I am thankful for the time I did have with my dad and that he even accepted a Bible from me as well as opportunities to share Christ's love with Him. Keep praying... he is more open to a Gospel message than he ever has been before in his life.

Friday, July 3, 2009

demons and angels

I believe right now at this very moment there is a spiritual battle for my dad's soul. He has still be heart hard to the Gospel, I think he knows in his head that Jesus is God, and has yet to accept Christ in his heart. That truely scares me.

He keeps telling me about a dream he keeps having. My mom says its " just the medication talking" but what if it is not? He says he is in a stone jail chained against the walls, bound in chains both his hand and his feet, and these "things" that he describes at this point sound an awful lot like demons are on each side of him, laughing at him, mocking him and then he says each time as they are about to kill him he wakes up.

a coincidence? the drugs? maybe.

but honestly I think he is so weak, and he is surrounded by so many of your prayers that there could very well be demons by him torturing his unquiet mind. He is not open to hearing the Gospel from me. They are at a point where the cancer is progressing much faster than they anticipated, he may have had a heart attack last weekend- but on Tues they didnt think he would make it through the day. but he did.

but there was something about tuesday that WAS different. On Tuesday a pastor I had spoken with stopped by and prayed for him. And everyone else is saying that after he came, things started to improve but their reasoning is that it was because by then he knew I was coming and a guy that is like a son to him was on the way too. I dont think that had anything to do with it. I think for just a moment, on a day when he should not have breathed for another 5 hours - the bondage of the enemy was broken for just a few minutes because of your prayers.

My dad asked me to stay with him last night, so I have slept at the hospital tonight. He said that once I came and while I am there his "dreams don't come back" and he can sleep. A coincidence? I don't think that whatever thing he is battling can stand in the prescence of any true believer in Christ and that because God has allowed me to come and I am standing in the gap in prayer for my dad that somehow, someway those creatures in his dreams flee in the presence of the light of Christ. yesterday afternoon while I was gone the pastor had also come to visit and dad shared that those visions were gone while he was there too, but it felt like at all other times that they were still there holding him down in chains.

keep praying. There is an enemy and he is very real. In the quiet you can almost feel the spiritual warfare surrounding him, but I am still here praying for his salvation. Please join me and keep praying!

By the way, since Tues he has had a remarkable turnaround and while he is still very sick he is eating again and has gained some limited movemnet in his legs again. The doctor said he could be here another few weeks or even a few months with how much better he is doing. I think God has given him one more chance to come to HIM. Just because God is that good. Salvation is a gift- pray my dad accepts it.