Saturday, January 29, 2011

I don't count the days


I didn't try to count the days til he left.

I didn't count the days once he left.
not all the time.

I mean 30 days after he was gone, at some point on that day I remember thinking to myself...
"we survived the first month"

I couldnt bring myself to try to even really determine a halfway mark...

so at Christmas when he said we have passed that....
it was a blessing.

and now...

it is almost the month he will come home.
almost 6 weeks earlier than originally planned.
and I am counting our blessings.

we are keeping busy
making paper chains
and banners to celebrate his homecoming...
which is soon...
but not too soon.

and I am really trying not to count.
because the days could change.
but it is a season of excitement
and preparing
for being together

and the world will feel complete again.

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