Wednesday, January 5, 2011

where we belong

For the last two years we have driven to the desert for the first of the year, and as a friend graciously opened her home to our crazy little crew, little did I know what kind of changes would be taking place in my life...

we have decided to move back to the desert.

Son Reigns Ranch is gone. we are not returning to what was.

I must have been asked a dozen times this week, if I am leaving this sunny beachy paradise ON PURPOSE to return to the desert.

Truth is I LOVE it here.
I do.
I love the ocean breezes.
the smell of the air.
the ambience of the wharf.
the convience of city life.
the relatively short distance to everything.
the fact that there are so many educational opportunities.
the beach.
the sunsets.


every.single.time. I drive to the desert I just feel like I am going home.
I mostly love the people there.
the people that became our friends and family.
I love the simpleness.
the smell of a creosote bush just before it rains.
the sounds of coyotes.
the quial running across the highway.
I love the joshua trees, each one different and unique... a piece of God's amazing masterpiece.
I love the horses and the lifestyle, even if it is harder.
I love the golden pink sunsets.
but mostly I miss my desert friends.

It was where we fit. like that puzzlepiece that just is part of the puzzle.
I cry every time I leave.
and I dont cry.
but I do when I leave the desert.

it appears God is a God of second chances
(which I know but often need a reminder)
and we are being presented with an opportunity to buy a micro ranch on 1.25 acres out there again.
and we are excited.
in fact I have already started packing!

Once my guy gets back from the sandy spot, the kids and I will move back up there and he will come home on weekends. there will be a lot of moving parts... but it is doable. and I am quite excited.

I will miss the ocean.
a lot.
but having my dear friends (who are really more like family) will be more than worth it!

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