Monday, April 4, 2011

A fork in the road


back in January if you had told me that I would still be out here on the coast...
instead of being moved into our new home in the desert
I probably would have called you crazy

actually people called me crazy for wanting to move back to the desert.
I almost wondered if I was


we are not.

at least not now.

and for part of my heart,
there is an emptiness
an ache.
a longing to be there.

and yet.
here is where we remain.

We have found a great church
 we are getting plugged in.
it almost , just maybe, could possibly be a good fit.
like an old pair of shoes.
 not perfect.
but comfortable.
(if I ever find the perfect church I can't join it anyway.... I'd just mess it up)

so.... for now.
we will listen to that still small voice.
that leaves us here near the ocean
close to our land of milk and honey
and surfers, and days near the beach.
of balmy coastal breezes and
salty ocean air...
and see where that leads us.

I was so sure the opportunity in the desert was from God.
and perhaps it was just that.
a road...
to choose.

that small voice

but... what if you stay?

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