Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Diving in....

One thing about me....

I tend to not walk to the waters edge and stick a toe in the water.

This time is no different...


I am diving in.

We have been burned . but God has put salve on our wounds
and scattered. but God has faithfully brought us where he wants us
thrown to wolves. but God has encamped around us and kept the wolves at bay
broken. but even in the brokenness as God puts the pieces back together the image is still beautiful.

and even though there are fears.
We are stepping back into another church,
putting our hearts out there

and we want to be the hands and feet of Jesus
so despite our ...
we are stepping back into the ring.

into serving.
into giving
into faithfulness.
into friendships
and fellowship

in all that we do
may we do it for you
and glorify only you

Let others see in us
the Jesus we love and adore.

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