Sunday, May 1, 2011

I love the church we have found.

every week there are little shiny pebbles that are vivid reminded that this is where God has placed us.

just this afternoon I sat at lunch with a wonderful lady
who told me that they followed us to church last week
she said she told her son she was stalking us :)

I can't wait to get to know her better!

and the week before that met an energetic vivacious lady that introduced herself by telling me she had been stalking me ... our boys played together for the past few weeks and have really hit it off... only to find out she has other children with similar ages, and they homeschool.


not in a creepy lock up your children sort of way.

but it's neat to see how the Lord is putting us right where we belong.

and we do feel like we belong.

just last week I got to sit with a young woman who leads a group of sophomore girls.
and I think to myself how amazing it is that God brought us here. now.

I can see for the past few years that our journey was not in vain. In fact each step required faith and growth.  I can even clearly see the trials we endured and how they worked together for good.
And now I long to drop roots and be deeply planted.

I can see friendships forming.

I want to let the Son reflect in all I do.

and I thank God for those shiny spots in the streambed that he allows me to see.

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Mary said...

LOVE this post. :) Thank you for sitting with us on Sunday. :)