Monday, May 16, 2011

Will You?

a day not so long ago we met. 2 women - but very different paths.
her blue eyes pierced my heart.

I have 6 children that have been raised in and by the church, and while daddy has been away serving overseas he is still a very constant part of our family

she has a bunch of children, 5... I think. their daddy is away right now too. serving. but not in the military. these children more like orphans clinging to those people willing to invest in them but at the same time guarded.

We have a steady income. clothes on our back. a roof over our head. food in the cupboard.

she is on welfare. caught in a system. living in the worst section of town. her power was off for a week. they took cold showers. no heat. and her cupboards are bare.

my children still have a sense of wide eyed wonder about so much.

hers are hardened and have their innocence robbed by the world they exist in.

I have chosen a path even before Christ of the straight and narrow.

she struggles with addiction
and yet...

I am drawn to her and her children.
not because it's safe.

and its a messy, sticky and uncomfortable situation.
   I am here. drawn into the heart of it.
I can see even where God would ask me
Will I what, Lord?
      be a friend?
at first it was just at church.
   where for me it was "safe"

But is that really what God asks?
Will I what Lord?
       encourage your children to be friends with her children?
     really Lord?
          HE will protect them.
   HE will keep them safe.

But still that nagging
take it not one step further ... but way more.
   help her past the point of my comfort zone.
take the extra mile
  not just offer a smile and a hug in passing.
will you go to her house.
be her friend...
   so if the opportunity arises...
you might be there to be a mentor...
   even to disciple her?

.................... but I am not worthy of that.
and to be honest it scares me.

and I hear the Lord remind me that He will be my strength...
He will be the teacher.
     He will be the redeemer...
He will rescue.
   He will save.
He can show her
all I have to do is have a willing and open heart and give HIM all the glory...
 cuz... in my own strength
I am nothing.

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