Tuesday, January 31, 2012

season of change.... again

well... its almost here. February. and still I am pretty absent from the bloggy world. but soooooooo many changes are upon us. We are buying a house. Have I mentioned that? And certainly not where we THOUGHT we would buy a house. Its a house back in the desert.

and this is the view from our back yard.
it is exciting..
and scary...
and not somewhere I ever thought we would would "retire" from the USMC. not in my wildest dreams. but we close on the house this week and the shift is happening. We are busy decluttering and packing and sorting....and in an amazing way it all feels very right. Like it's where we belong. But in so many ways and on so many levels that doesn't make any sense.
And we have loved our time here.... beach side and days filled with cotton candy sunsets. Strolling the wharf and spending time with dear friends....

and I for one will miss it.

but its ok this time. I know we can come back and visit. Its just a short 2 hour drive west from where we are going.

and changes are coming. a big move.. a baby at the end of the month, a scheduled c-section and last but not least my hubby retiring from the USMC. crazy changes. exciting changes. maybe even a bit unnerving changes.

but we will keep looking upward counting on God to direct our steps as He always has.

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