Monday, July 23, 2012

it is simple. right?


life is hard.


 God gives us new friends for the journey.


I am too raw & real for day to day life.

and if I say again that this move has been hard.
It has.

and I can tell you God has blessed me with friendships here.
both old & new.

but it is not without tears and strife.

I expected things to be different.

and yet..
some days it is ok.
I might even say there are good days.

plugging in to a new church.
Letting God use us to launch VBS.
exciting times for sure.

and yet.
I don't feel like we do enough for the Gospel.

people don't KNOW Jesus.
I mean REALLY know Jesus.
and if they DON'T know Jesus.
where they go when they die...
IF they don't know Jesus.

see we have a great God.
and it's pretty simple this G.O.S.P.E.L. message.

isn't it?

or is it like life right now.
simple yet complex.

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Kristi said...

Yes! Thanks for sharing your heart Jennifer. Reposting the Rastafarian gospel :))