Friday, August 17, 2012

Some nights...

I just don't sleep.

Lying awake pondering deep thoughts.

Tonight we were in downtown O'side at the weekly street fair. I hadn't been here since I was pregnant with Judah ...

Then it was cold.

Tonight the moist summer air lingered with the smell of ethnic foods & sea salty air.

We ran into several groups of friends from our church of not so long ago. We chatted... and were in the company of a dear friend and her 4 kidlets....

As we corralled 10 children between us... busy in the flurry of keeping it together... it occurred to me that so many at this street fair don't know Jesus.  And for a moment it broke my heart. Until I quickly dismissed the thought as a toddler scurried under my feet tipping over a soda, and the little girls needed a potty break.

After tasting a few ethnic dishes and wanting to savor the delight of the night...we corralled those 10 kidlets off to the local Dairy Queen. As we walked in the door we heard shots. Quickly dismissing it as a prank or maybe some firecrackers... surely gunshots in a marine corps town would have been recognized.

As kidlets were handed their cones the streets became a buzz of sirens ... police cars and ambulance... and then overhead... helocopters...

And in these way to late hours as I sit & consider....

I am heavy of heart at the fact that in my busyness not once did I stop & share the Gospel.  Not once.

& that in my world those shots seemed like not that big of a deal.

But they might have been.

A very big deal.

An eternal destination kind of big deal.

And that kind of thing shouldn't just keep me up at night. It should change everything to how and with what kind of urgency I live my life

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