Thursday, January 23, 2014

On Friday last week I got a phone call from my mom's neighbor. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Knowing you're the ONLY person that can do anything is scary. We immediately booked a flight from Orlando to palm Springs but I couldn't fly out until Sunday. You go through a whole range of emotions as you find out a parent is in the hospital. My mom is only 65 & a 3 time cancer survivor. I was told her kidneys were shutting down. It was time to leave my husband with 6 kidlets in Florida and get to my mom
fast forward to Sunday. I went straight to the hospital before heading up to check on her dogs. Unfortunately it was Sunday & there were no doctors making rounds. Lots of ordered tests but no conclusive answers.

by It wasn't until Monday that I got a glimpse of the severity of her hospitalization. She had a blood clot that almost took her life. It had clogged her artery in her right leg for at least a few weeks. The doctor said they seriously considered amputation.

By Tuesday there were still a lot of unanswered questions but terms like COPD hung in the air & I boldly asked the BIG question. Did mom have cancer again? I think mom & I were both very surprised when he said she did NOT have cancer. He told her the clot was caused by smoking. That there are 2 basic kinds of clots. Non-smoking clots & smoking clots. And she almost died because of her choice to smoke. She told me to go home and get rid of all the cigearettes in front of him. ( those of you that know me... Know that I was more than happy to comply!)

what I did with them is on the other blog because that is a God story intertwined into my life & journey.

yesterday her color was so much better. She even ate food. She asked me to bring her clothes today because she wanted out of her hospital gown. She still may have a day or 2 in the hospital but things are looking better. I am unsure when I will head back to Florida to be with my family or whether they will start the journey here. We may need to remain within a much smaller travel distance as missionaries based on my moms needs. Time will tell.

we appreciate your prayers and support as we walk through this trial.

time for me to get up..grab a shower & head down to the hospital. Have a blessed day!

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