Monday, February 10, 2014

3 weeks and counting

1st I want to tell you that my mom is doing amazingly well. And in the next few weeks she should be back to normal but without those cancer sticks ( aka cigarettes) in fact ... It has been over 3 weeks since she had even one.
I am really proud of her.
sometimes it takes a wake up... And I suppose having a dead leg and almost dying was that wake up for her.
I am busy weeding, taking my things to storage, spring cleaning and appointments and as of right now still very much in California apart from my band of gypsy travellers. And I miss them.
and if I am honest I don't completely understand but all I can do is trust that God knows what HE is doing.
It's a range of emotions.
and somewhere in the stillness it gives me time to continually SEEK Him.
and put together our much needed missionary support letters... I will put this time apart to good use.

It's just the waiting for answers I am having such a hard time with. The time apart. The quiet that is not my life.

I am still sharing the gospel bracelets and making good use of this season of way too much quiet...and helping mom to get back to normal. But its a new normal.

I suspect it will be interesting to see what God has planned.

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