Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 is here....

and I seemed to miss it somehow.

so Without further ado here is the month of December is snapshot style!
Thanks for your patience.
Hopefully I will get past what seems like writers block as I get back into he swing of things
MaryRachael has decided to let me know when she doesn't want her picture taken....
"no mommy, no pictures, I am not in th mood!"

At daddy's work Christmas Party the kids each decorated thier own cookie
Christmas Dinner Italian Style : Bragiolle, artichoke casserole, homemade pepperoni bread, pasta with a light coat of sauce & fried calamari

The Boys and Arianna all got scooters
Our tree
SNOW!!!!!!! It's all gone now.

Keeping warm inside!

Happy New Year Goodbye 2008
Arianna & frank and their annual game of New Year's Monopoly.... This was before the government buyout (that mommy gave all her money & properties to Arianna in order to boost the *ahem*...economy) which didn't work, because frank won anyway!!!!

We are back to school, putting the "normal" routine back together and keeping busy with church, youth activities, volunteering & friends and well, of course schoolwork.

The holiday season was nice with frank off for 2 whole weeksreality set back in today as he went back to work too. It was a quiet time- we really didnt do anything super excitingWe did make a trip to the local park to hang out with friends and ride the new scooters!
We did bake for about 2 whole days with friends before Christmas. and then....

we passed around a stomach bug (yuck) from Christmas to New Years

Frank built me a table and 2 benches which are almost completed! They just need a few coats of poly to protect them from life around here! Hopefully the days will warm up enough to coat them this week sometime.

The 2 eldest children will be entering an art show this week locally. The 7 yr old guy was pretty upset, but if they do it again next year he too will be old enough to participate at which point the 14 year old will be too old.

Oh & if you have not heard from me it may be because my phone is well ....lets just say it *sniff* died. So all the numbers stored in my phone. gone. And I moved my sim card to our extra (just in case something happens) phone and the voicemail isn't even set up on it! so..... don't text me or leave a voicemail because I can't yet retrieve it, and I may not have your number to call you anymore either.... so if you are trying to reach me .... well drop me an email...

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