Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No news was good news....

at least without any news there was hope.

but here are the detail as I understand them.

Frank will proceed with given orders as well as continuing with the process of TSSC (top secret security clearance for all you non-military acronym reading folks out there) But it is a catch 22. He will be deployable again- which did not come as a surprise. Here is how it plays out though. We will remain here - for now- and pray that God provides a solution for this mess. We own the house and a foreclosure could set him up for not receiving the TSSC. he already has a Secret Security Clearance, which he could be stripped of if they proceed with the TSSC and he fails- which could seriously affect his job and the possibility of promotion.


I am still telling myself God is in Control. and He is.

So as of mid April to Mid may Frank will go 3 hours away. We still have to find him a place to live etc. I will be a mom holding down the fort. He needs a new car, a laptop and we need new cell phones. Please pray for us. We also covet your prayers though this time as there is even more to the story, that I will share as soon as I am able. Pray for my health and stress level.

and soon I will tell you all how I cured my insomnia.....

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