Monday, May 25, 2009

a few more photos....

so, off to a park we went, in search of homeschoolers

once we found them we shared a picnic lunch

mrk found the new park delightful

Ki went swinging with daddy

there were things to do for all...

except one. this pretty girl made the best of it, even if she was the oldest kid there
after the park

we were off to carlsbad for a free skateboarding/bmx/wakeboading demo... complete with a jumper to entertain the littlest kidlets... a free Christian outreach event.

after a while some r&r

drinking flavored water with her favorite guy
someday I am gonna have to break it to her that he is my guy...
but not today

he's starting to look like a bonafide cali kid...

some cool wakeboarding

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