Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting settled in....

we are surrounded by boxes that are dwindling down a little bit more every day... we don't wake up to the wind howling outside and horses wanting breakfast anymore... it is very different here. But different isn't all bad, just different. We have neighbors that are very very close especially considering our nearest neighbor used to be an acre from our home. Coyotes don't come and carry off our cats, there is no real threat from rattlesnakes, and life in so many ways is just simpler.

we have been very very busy. trying to find a new church to call home, getting things unpacked and discovering our new area. Frank was finally able to join us on a permanant level on the 30th of april, he checked in to his new unit here at camp pendelton yesterday afternoon.

so now its getting into a groove and discovering what the new normal is. I need to find an OB doctor relatively soon as I am about 17 weeks along now, and well, I havn't seen one since they told me I was pregnant.... (not by choice- the Naval Hospital in 29 palms said they wouldn't start seeing me there since I was moving away so early in the pregnancy, so they issued me my prenatal vitamins and sent me on my way back in March).

as far as blogging, I have certainly been slacking. Its not that there has not been anything to tell you about, its simply finding the time to sit down at the computer and type it out, and once I do find the time, it always seemed too late to share it... so Hopefully things will slowly get back to a new normal and life will continue, we will find a new church home and Frank will get setlled in to his new routine at work...

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