Friday, May 29, 2009

what have we come to?

yesterday as I was checking facebook a friend of mine posted a link... a very frightening link. This link was to a news article right here in San Diego, where a pastor and his wife were forced to shut down an in home Bible study/fellowship. You can read the full article here:

If our rights as believers are taken away in our very own homes with people that willingly come and are in no way forced to participate, where is this country headed? To underground assemblies? It's crazy! Please pray for this family as they fight this case! You can help them out by signing the petition here:

To me this is absolutely frightening, but also a sign of things to come. Jesus himself tells us about the last days, and they don't get prettier. If we are not willing to stand for Him, we will be standing against Him. In the last year I have seen firsthand, a myriad of wolves in sheeps clothing. A grim reminder that loving Christ isn't hard, but standing with Him sometimes is.

I am not ashamed to say I love Christ.

What frightens me is where the world is going. Especially here. If it starts here in San Diego, the area we moved to, then what is next. Pray no precedent is set. Pray for God to be victorious. please, just hit your knees..and PRAY!

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