Friday, February 26, 2010


Do you believe God puts something in our heart?

I do.

We are called to the missions field.

ANd while we have waited and are still waiting for God to tell us when... and where... I am terrified of it, and yet. I know it is what God wants us to do.

several weeks ago my husband texted me a message. one word.


I dont know why.... in fact I hadn't even given this a 2nd thought until tonight when I watched a show on ABC about child sacrifice in Uganda. ANd I looked into the faces of people I don't know, and wondered could I love them like Jesus does? Could I put my own children in harms way at the possibility of even leading one to eternal life with Christ. ANd realized I honestly don't know.

That is the scariest thing ever to me, that somehow we will be called to a mission field that will not be "safe" for our family.

I wish I knew the answers.

ANd I don't know ANY of the answers.

Praying God will show us when, and where and how....

So, is it Uganda? I don't know. We are praying about taking a missions trip to another missionary family located in Mexico, The Lockwoods, this summer with our family.... praying God would lead guide and direct every step because I have absolutely no idea, all I know is that each day the draw to missions work gets stronger, and each day I feel more and more unprepared for what God will call us to do.


Hols said...

none of us are ever prepared to do what God calls us. That is because if we were we would be going into it in our own preparedness and confidence and power. It is only when we feel inadequate or unprepared that we can live in that realm of faith that God wants us to live in and TOTALLY rely upon Him and His power to do what He has called us to do. It is all about trust and complete faith in Him. For what He calls us to do He empowers us to do.

Casey said...

he equipps the called.............not the other way around.

Also, consider you are sitting in a missionary mine field right now!