Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2nd

used to be my dad's birthday. And for me today not so much stranger than any other, except I couldnt call him and wish him one. strange.

stopped my mom from buying him a cake today. I told her that might get a little wierd, buying a cake for a man that has been dead for almost 4 months now...told her that might weird out the kids just a bit. Honestly it weirded me out that the thought even crossed her mind, but I am rarely surprised at some of her antics anymore.

My dad and I hadnt lived in proximity to celebrate his birthday in over 15 yrs mostly, so it wasn't as strange for me...or maybe its just that I don't think that he misses us. Honestly I pray he is so wrapped up in heaven with Christ that the thought wouldnt even cross his mind that it was his birthday.

Cuz his Birthday into the kingdom of heaven was decided over the summer when he accepted CHrist as his Saviour, and on november 4,2009 he stepped into an eternity with Him. And that is the only Birthday that really matters for any of us anyway.

Besisdes we celebrated his birthday the day I took him to Oceanside pier. He had grumbled the whole way out, I was 39 weeks pregnant pushing him out to Ruby's diner... he wasnt hungry- which happened a lot then- but he wanted an ice cream sunday. So we ordered it for him. He seemed to really enjoy it. That is my last really good memory with my dad before he died.

I do miss him. As I type this post a few tears have trickled down my cheeks. I wish cancer hadnt taken him so soon. He would have only been 62 today. But far more than that I am thankful he chose a Christ filled eternity before it was too late.

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