Monday, March 15, 2010

in the fast lane

Life is busy around here....


Between homeschooling, church, genuine fellowship, seeking a homeschool group to become involved in, kids growing up, life happening, making breakfast and lunch and dinners and a few snacks in between, going to church some more, refilling prescriptions, nursing a baby, watching him grow way. too. fast, and oh yeah being a wife, mother AND daughter to different people in my home... it has been longer than anticipated since my last post.

Life. is. busy.

sometimes even a tad bit crazy.

like when a few weeks ago when cps came a knocking at my door. I- of course- invited her in. I have nothing to hide.

Why is it that people like to report homeschoolers? I have no idea. I do know there are legitimate cases- but we are an open book. What you see is almost always what you get- a loved in, played in home... with loads of laundry cycling almost daily through the washing,drying putting it away cycle... busy days with schoolwork and in house story time, some puzzle time and some game time thrown in the mix. Did I mention she came over on a pajama day. yeah. well. she did. 2 in the afternoon all of us still clad in our jammie pants. Oh my!

yeah, life is crazy. We are an open book. ANd in so many ways there isnt a single thing I would change about it.

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