Thursday, May 6, 2010

facing it alone

have I mentioned I am married to a marine.

yep for almost 16 yrs now.

which means we are facing another deployment.

and while we have done it before facing it again is still completely different, and yet has a smell that is all too familiar.

last Sunday he left. for school. this time.
2 weeks.
the first few days breezed by...
but saturday is comin, and saturday is a daddy day.

and its a precursor for the things that are coming.

this 2 weeks, apart in different time zones is a flickiering reminder that the time will so soon be upon us where he will be oceans apart rather than just a few thousand miles.

and there isnt time to dwell on those times that will define our future.

but those circumstances wont define how we face it.
at least that is my prayer.

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