Tuesday, October 14, 2008

cookies, dinosaurs & busy"ness"...OH MY!

Pizzelli cookies to share with new friends
Daddy at the creation museum
panning for gold

I have been absent from here! I have been working on a very hands on "project" for two very special ladies in my life.... both of our mom's - soooooo if you are reading this- yes it is both of you! Needless to say I can't tell you anything about the project but it is time consuming and yet so very neat!

So, what have we been doing you may ask....

school, taking pictures, celebrating birthdays, getting chased by dinosaurs(jk), shoe shopping....

Arianna looked at me tonight and asked why there are no pictures of me on my blog....

me: "silly, cuz I take the pictures"

her: "we need to change that"

did I mention that I hate having my picture taken, that I am super self conscious about it, that I would much prefer to be behind a lens than in front of one.... but in more than 1000 photos on my hard drive (I have been backing them up) I am in less than 10. I have more photos of inanimate school projects than I do of me. And if something were to happen to me there are very few photos of me in the last 5 years - maybe more (years that is- less photos) . And those are mostly background photos.... so pray for me, that I get over it!

Tomorrow we have declared a workday. We have a liner for a pond we are going to dig for the ducks and geese, stalls to muck, horses to groom, shoeboxes to fill for the Lockwood family to distribute to the kids in Mexico, and then showers and King's kid's in the evening! A busy day. Thursday we are off to some new friends house to hang out and fellowship then off to the park on Friday to hang out and fellowship with friends there. In between school and such it is a very. busy. week.

Did I mention that next week Micah begins violin lessons?

so here are a few photos and I am off to bed.....


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