Thursday, October 9, 2008

Photos, Friends, and Prayer Requests

Our power is scheduled to be out tonight starting at 9 pm (a big KUDOS to you guys NOT dependent on the power grid!!!!) so I am posting early... Anyhow I thought I would upload a few photos of my other children before we go to black... they are from our birthday celebrations last week (see- I didn't just take photos of the birthday girl and boy!)

Yesterday we were able to spend a few hours with some friends before they move. The girls had fun snapping photos and both our blog and Arianna's blog got a face lift courtesy of Danny! Arianna has photos posted on her blog of our time together. Pray for them as they get ready to move.

On a more serious note, on be continued post...that I haven't had the chance to continue.... well we are supposed to go back to the park tomorrow where last weeks fight took place. A friend of mine ordered some Good and Evil books from No Greater Joy I will probably have a handful of tracts on me from Dare to Share and we plan to attempt to share the Gospel with some of those teens at the park should they choose to come back tomorrow. Please pray for us.

After the park that day I was able to meet one of the teens involved in the fight. Actually we were sitting outside our local feed store waiting for Frank when I saw him. I prayed a prayer that went something like this "Lord, if you give me an opening to talk to this young man, I will take it" Do you know what happens when you tell God something like that? He gives you an opening. The young man sauntered across the street into the tile shop right next door to the feed shop JUST as Frank returned to the car. So I told Frank I would be back shortly and went to find him. His name was Sonny. He is new to the area and it was - as he said " an unplanned fight that was a one time thing" Except my 4 year old thought he was Aaron (a kid that was part of the youth group we led last year). God gave me an opportunity to meet Sonny, make sure he was ok, and even a moment to invite him to church. Please pray for him.

Also there have been big changes in the last few weeks as far as church goes for us. In June we left a ministry locally, spent the summer in fellowship with a few of those families from that church doing some home churching, but just recently decided to go back to the church we came from when we first arrived here. I do not believe in church hopping, so guilt got the best of us and we sat down with the Pastor last night and had a real honest conversation, a good one. He is a terrific man of God, and while still a man, you certainly can follow his leading. We are far more fundamental when it comes to the Bible than I sometimes want to admit to. Anyhow pray for us as we transition back into this church, that the wounds we are healing from God will heal completely , and that we will still maintain the treasured friendships we found while we were away.

OHHHHHHHH..... and I know this is a long post already.... please keep in Prayer the Lockwood Family - missionaries to Mexico. They have a Category 4 headed their way on the Baja Penninsula of Mexico. This incredible family is reaching the people down there with the Gospel while having 12 beautiful children (their youngest is due in May). Please pray for them as they ride out this storm down there and minister to those in the area, as well as safety & wisdom for their family.

I think that's all the news from here....

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