Thursday, October 30, 2008

We have a DUCK POND!!!!

OK so this might not be BIG NEWS for you, but for my poor little desert ducks and geese who have only ever had a small blue swimming pool from Wal-Mart... let me tell you this is a BIG deal. But the funny part... my poor desert ducks who had never been more than knee deep in water didn't quite know what on earth to do with the pond at first. So we took away their trusty blue pool and well, they had to drink from it... and then the goose seemed almost to knock the duck in and laugh and then.... they all tried it out and they LOVE it! And me, well I am tired and sore from helping Justyn dig it out but it's awesome & we did it!

for a perspective of size, I asked the kids to stand near it, and of course. Justyn got goofy
desert ducks running toward the dogs to avoid the water
still waiting (Justyn actually snapped this one of the pond) no ducks or geese yet


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