Monday, October 20, 2008

A very touchy subject

So, I've been thinking. Can a born again Christian vote for Mickey Mouse? Probably not, since they do "once upon a fairy tale gay weddings" at Disney....

I was sitting behind a very nice lady at church Sunday morning who, at the end of Sunday School, got up and passed by the travelling missionary table, who just happened to have "vote", "McCain", "McCain,Palin" pins. She stopped by their table and thumbed through the basket full of pins and walked away mumbling.... " well they are racist. No barack pins"

Are we so enamored by the words a man speaks that we as believers have forgotten that he believes in pro-choice (aka : murder) and supports gay marriage as well as a flurry of MANY other non Christlike values?

Now, let me say this. I am not a McCain "fan", nor do my personal views on Sarah Palin seem to be near to the average Christian woman... but when we - as professed believers- start listening to sugary messages of hope and leave behind the issues, we are in deep trouble.... so PLEASE if you are registered to vote in the USA go here:

check out what your leaders do and don't stand for. And don't vote for Mr Mouse, only because that will help the democratic party get what they want.... Frank wants to write Chuck Norris in on the ballot. Honestly I don't know how I feel about this election. All I am saying is vote for what the Bible says is right,
not a guy that makes it all sound good.



Mishel said...

Thanks for the link! And yes, this election is going to be interesting. It's the least excited I've ever been over an election. : ( But whatever happens--God is still on the throne!

It was good seeing you yesterday! : )


Melanie said...

Hello I just stopped by Bring the Rain and saw your comment you left on her blog regarding your miscarriage. I too had a miscarriage the same way you did. I miscarried on March 22nd which is 7 months today since my angel went to Heaven with our Heavenly Father. I did take those pills and if I knew any better I would of just had a D&C, but I prayed before I took them and well ended up having an emergency D&C. God is good and I praise Him. I know our angel is in Heaven and thats all that matters. God bless you!

Holly said...

Hello. Like Melanie, I just saw your comment on Angie's blog, and I miscarried the same way, too. I was almost 13 weeks when I found out my baby had died in utero at 8 weeks. It was devastating considering I had seen the heartbeat at 7 weeks. I had two different offices do the ultra sound. Like you, I kept thinking..."just in case..." Well, both told me the same thing, and my doctor performed a D&C the next day. I think I'd go crazy if I wasn't reading all my religious books, attending church groups, and so on. We recently created a garden memorial in our backyard, which helps, too. Blessings to you...~Holly